Day 25 – I LOVE Progress!


Day 24

Happy Monday, everyone!

It’s another lovely, sunny but FREEZING COLD day as we await March to go out like a Lion with a massive Blizzard warning for Wednesday :-l You know it’s bad when I’ve already starting planning our next trip to the Med in the fall!

So this weekend offered up a lovely mix of relaxation and visitations by friends and family. After a long week of working from home, I realized on Friday evening just how much I needed to start getting out to socialize more. Both to increase my facial muscle strength AND my emotional state. Yes, the dreaded blues often experienced by jaw surgery patients finally hit me; like a BRICK. So, my husband took charge and forced me out of the house for much of the weekend. Fast forward to Monday morning….SUCH a good idea 🙂

Greatest accomplishment since my last post – I’m getting CHEEKBONES!!! Who knew something like that would give me so much satisfaction? After spending years feeling like my face was aging extremely quickly; almost appearing caved in – a result of long face syndrome, I couldn’t be more excited!

Second greatest accomplishment – I’m finally seeing progress in the number of mms that I can open my mouth! I’d be lying if I said my surgeon’s request to reach 28 mm by next week’s follow up appointment wasn’t causing me some anxiety. Having only been documented at 17 mm during my last appointment, the new goal just seemed completely unattainable! I think a combination of the infection decreasing and the amount of talking I did this weekend can explain how I suddenly went up to 22 mm this morning. YAY!! Phew! One week to go and 6 more mm to go. I.CAN.DO.THIS!


Day 25


I’ve since lost a bit more swelling in both my chin and right cheek. However, I’ve noticed that any time I do a lot of talking, the swelling tends to increase in both cheeks a couple hours later. Anyone else experience this?

My right side is still more swollen than my left which seems to be the norm for everyone to have one side that recovers more slowly than the other.




No changes in this department at the moment. My husband and I have started a kissing test to measure changes in my lips 😉 He just can’t have too much ‘scruff’ or the little prickles feel like daggers to my upper lip haha


I’ve managed to get down to using only two pillows at night. I have a very fluffy/cushiony pillow that has allowed me to enjoy some proper side sleeping – oh how I missed that!

I’ve also been able to get out for more lengthy walks around town. I do still get quite winded/out of breath when climbing stairs or a hill with any level of incline but I know this will improve over time. I’m going to try and start using an elliptical or spin bike this week to increase my cardio a bit more.


Still on a ‘no chew’ diet. I’ve often wondered why this rule is so strictly enforced when you’re only eating things that are blended, pureed, or over-cooked. Well, I ‘ate’ some very over-cooked pasta and a noodle accidently ended up between my teeth. My jaws involuntarily decided to shut and ‘chew’ the noodle. BAD MOVE! Who knew a single noodle could cause such a sharp pain to shoot through my molars :O

In the meantime, I’ve added a few more items to my menu of options

– ‘3 ingredient pancakes’ – ripe banana, 1 egg, 2 tbsp. oat flour. Tastes like a cross between a pancake and banana bread! I cook it with a hint of coconut oil and a dash of cinnamon and I add in my VEGA all-in-one protein powder to round out the meal.

– blended cashew chicken – mixed in sticky rice – A-MAZING

– mashed beans – quick and easy extra dose of fibre and protein


Wonky but progressive smile 🙂


7 thoughts on “Day 25 – I LOVE Progress!

  1. It’s amazing to see the changes in your profile. Can you describe the numb feeling? Is it like you have been to the dentist but are not coming out of the novacane feeling?

    • Hi Ksallee2014! I can’t speak to any experience with novacane but the numbness comes in various ‘forms’. Complete numbness remains in pockets of my chin and upper gum – if someone were to touch it or food were to land on it, I wouldn’t feel a thing. Other areas of my chin and nose have slight/partial feeling. Best way that I can compare the sensation is – think about when your foot falls asleep after sitting on it. That almost nonexistent feeling right before it starts to tingle or you try and ‘wake it up’ is what these areas feel like. My chin regularly experiences tingling sensations that travel along the major nerve as it tries to fully regenerate.

  2. Yay for cheek bones! I look forward to seeing mine sometime in the near future… haha. And wow 22mm! You so got this! And that cashew chicken sounds yummy! Do you just swallow it whole or is it really mashed up? Just trying to get more ideas for food here, haha.

    • Haha you will get there soon enough 🙂 You’re doing great! As for the cashew chicken, I took all of the chicken, veggies, cashews and sauce and blended it in a food processor so that it was grainy mashed. Then I mixed it in the jasmine rice so that everything was sticky and easy to swallow. It was heavenly 🙂

  3. Do you think I should spend money on a neck or back pillow? Just trying to decide if it would actually be used. I see many bloggers talk about it bring hard to sleep on their back. Thanks.

    • Personally, I used both. I already had a neck pillow from our travels but I purchased one of those bed rest pillows with the arm rests. I have scoliosis so I knew I’d need back support. I only ended up using the back rest for the first two weeks because my body would default to a lower or side sleeping position after that. The neck pillow was a lifesaver for me in the hospital but not for my neck lol I would wear it in front so that my ice packs could wrap perfectly under my chin while sitting on the pillow. Kept the pressure off of my head and then when home, I could spot treat my chin w a smaller ice pack resting on the pillow. Left me hands free and able to eat/rest while still icing exactly where I needed it.
      As long as you have an ultra fluffy/puffy pillow that can wrap to the shape of your head and act as a cushion if your head tips to either side, you probably won’t need the neck pillow.

  4. Cassie Oliveira

    You look so pretty! Your results are so amazing!! I feel ya on the walking part, march has been so so cold it feels impossible to get outside and attempt to walk. I am waiting for some warm days to attempt it! And you’re right, we do look alike 🙂 all the best!

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