Day 30 – Before and After (Exciting Changes!)


FINALLY, I have a few minutes to breathe, rest, and check in with everyone! I’m officially back to myself from a work perspective…so in classic style, it has taken over my life!! I’ve spent the remainder of each day resting up from pure mental exhaustion (and a little joint pain from my jaw stretching exercises).

It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire month since surgery. Time is FLYING! I’ve officially reached that stage where the regular changes in residual swelling and numbness tend to slow down quite a bit. However, in my case I have to admit that I’m still constantly astounded by the visible changes in my appearance….and I’m LOVING IT!!!





I have been told by many that I look much younger. I won’t argue that! 🙂 Everything is so much more lifted and defined in my face that I no longer appear haggard and old all of the time. That in itself does wonders for the psyche! I wake up with more energy and feel more ‘alive’ when I look in the mirror. I’m amazed at how collapsed my nose was prior to surgery and I’m shocked how much more proportionate my entire face seems. Even my large forehead no longer seems as prominent since my new chin helps to balance out the top and bottom of my face.











One thought on “Day 30 – Before and After (Exciting Changes!)

  1. Wow you look amazing! I can’t believe how much your face has changed. It looks like you had a nose job! What a bonus! You look great.x

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