Day 31 – I Can Chew!

After another follow up appointment with my surgeon, I have been given the green light to chew ANYTHING! Granted, that last word is used loosely as I quickly found out that this whole chewing gig is going to take some practice haha


I started slowly with some delicious fruit and yogurt. I learned quickly that even that was somewhat challenging because…..most of my molars are still numb! When I first started to ‘chew’, I realized that I couldn’t actually tell what and/or if I was chewing unless it came in contact with my tongue.

I also noticed that certain textures are going to take more practice than others. Things like orange slices and bananas which have more ‘movement’ once chewed are harder to keep track of between my teeth; and to know whether or not I’ve actually chewed completely through. Things like strawberries and very tender asparagus or chicken, while still soft, maintain a more solid form while chewed thus making them easier to break down.


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