Day 37 – I LOVE MY FACE!!

2014-04-05 13.48.30

So much so, that I treated my new face to a new ‘do’ 🙂

I’m amazed at how much change has occurred in the last week from minor loses in swelling! My chin is evening out, my cheek bones are becoming more pronounced and I can’t help but stare all the time when I catch myself with my lips shut. It’s still such a foreign concept for me but one that I am incredibly delighted in.

2014-04-05 13.48.24

Side note – I COMPLETELY understand now why so many patients have spoken of becoming ‘selfie junkies’ post surgery! Prior to surgery, so many of us have agonized over photos  of ourselves; feeling self conscious about our smiles (or lack there of); adjusting our bite to appear ‘normal’. OR, the countless photo op attempts we’ve made, only to come out with one or two ‘semi acceptable’ choices worthy of the eyes of others…heaven forbid dreaded social media platforms! I was even the type who loathed the selfie-obsessed. Why did people have to obsessively post photos of their perfect looking faces..all…the…TIME, while I wanted to hide from every candid shot friends and family snuck of me that made me cringe.

Well, I’m not about to become an obnoxious selfie gal. BUT, I AM going to be extremely proud of my new face and the recovery that I’ve been through. Bring on those candid shots, people!! 🙂




3 thoughts on “Day 37 – I LOVE MY FACE!!

  1. You’re recovery is amazing!!! You are gorgeous (always have been), but having your bite corrected has definitely enhanced it!
    I cannot wait for mine – to finally fix the one thing that makes me feel ugly!

  2. I know that I’m only just reading and replying to this right now, but I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN! I’m now constantly taking pictures of myself because I love the way I look! I’m so, so glad you do too 🙂 keep us posted!

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