Day 42 – Slow and Steady

Changes have started to slow down quite a bit now. I understand why many bloggers start to ‘drift’ or disappear around this point. BUT, since my orthodontist says that what you see at month one, versus, month two, three and four are often quite different….I’ll stick around 😉

With just under two weeks to go until my next appointment with the surgeon, I’m still working on expanding my mouth. Prior to surgery, my mouth had limited opening ability – 35 mm. A ‘normal’ mouth ranges from 35 to 55 mm so I’m essentially trying to reach my old range. Currently, I’ve accomplished 32/33 mm but I can’t deny that it’s a struggle. I get so far by the end of the day and then after a night’s sleep, my mouth seems to seize and I have to start over again at the 28/29 mm mark…reliving the joint pain over and over. I’m going to see if my massage therapist can work on the muscles near my joints.

2014-04-10 19.39.36

Sexy 😉

2014-04-10 19.51.47

I also need to work on how I open my mouth. My bottom jaw seems to have a tendency of opening slightly off centred. One day at a time!

2014-04-10 19.42.28

My smile is also starting to look a little more relaxed and not so ‘plastic’. My cheeks still have some level of swelling that prevents me from smiling fully without my top lip disappearing. The middle of my chin is also still numb which leaves me unable to control the centre of my lower lip.


4 thoughts on “Day 42 – Slow and Steady

  1. Looking good! I’m glad your recovery is going well! 🙂

  2. Wow that’s a lot of tongue depressors!!! Prior to surgery all I could open was like 30 mm so I don’t expect to get much more than that, haha. Your results are awesome though! I’m wishing my recovery was farther along, but I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

  3. Hello, I have been checking your blog weekly for updates! Please let us know how things are going? Thanks x

  4. I’m with Jaws2015! I miss hearing from you, girl! I think of you constantly because you got your surgery exactly a week after me!

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