So… About Those Jaw Exercises…

Remember when I admitted that my surgeon’s millimetre expectations were causing me a certain level of anxiety? Apparently…that was justified!!

After my last follow up appointment, my surgeon wanted me to work up to 25 mm; from the 17 mm at the time…within two weeks. I tried not to panic but then fast forward to the day before my latest appointment and I still had only managed to reach 23 mm. I was feeling like a bit of a failure – blame a lifetime of school girl perfectionism lol

Fast forward again to my appointment. My surgeon approaches with his trusty ruler and WHAT?! I was only measuring 20 mm!!!! 😥 I was actually near tears because I knew how much joint pain I had gone through the past week to gain those few extra mms that were now no where to be found. To make matters worse, my surgeon admitted that I was officially running out of time to stretch my mouth much further before the joints/bone/muscles all settle into their permanent positions. Again….WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

I was about to walk out with my head hung in shame when I said, ‘Look, please hand me those tongue depressors! I’ll prove it!’ I piled them up, shoved them in my mouth and BOOM! 23 mm baby! Oh but wait. My surgeon instructed me how to increase the progress more effectively. When the depressors are in your mouth, take another one and add it in amidst the ones already in your mouth and carefully tap/shift it in – like an axe splitting wood. Surprise! 25 mm!!! And some admitted joint pain. But ooooh was it ever worth it to see his satisfaction 🙂

Of course, he then informed me that at my next appointment in three weeks, he expects me to be at 35 mm!! Bring on the tongue depressors…… :-l


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